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How Do I Take Out Life Insurance For My Parents?
How Do I Take Out Life Insurance For My Parents?
08 Jul 2024

Want to financially protect your parents with life insurance? Here’s what you need to know.

In an ideal world, your parents would have taken out their own life insurance policy while they were still young and healthy to benefit from lower premiums. But this isn’t always possible. If you’ve been wondering if you can take out a life insurance policy on their behalf, the answer is yes – provided certain criteria are met.


In South Africa, you have the option to take out life cover for your parents. The payout can be used to cover any debt your parents might have incurred as well as pay off funeral expenses. Also, if you parents were helping you financially in any way, such as paying for your further education, a payout could ensure you remain supported. Just remember that you’d need their consent and would have to prove insurable interest.


What is insurable interest?


As the premium payer, you need to show that you would suffer financial or emotional hardship if the life assured were to pass away. Immediate family members, such as your parents, usually meet the criteria for insurable interest as you can prove you have a close connection. Also, if their passing meant you’d have to take over certain financial obligation that you might not be able to afford, you’d most definitely have insurable interest. 


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Other things to keep in mind


Many insurers set an age limit for the life assured and its usually 65 years old. Additionally, if your parents are over 50, their life insurer will likely require their medical history.


Alternatively, if you parents are under the age of 65, they could apply for their own life insurance policy. While they’ll be the policyholders, there is no restriction on you paying for their premiums, as long as you can demonstrate insurable interest.


A bit about funeral cover


While paying for your parents' life insurance policy is an option, it's essential to have open and honest discussions about your family's unique financial situation. You might discover their main concern is to simply not burden you with funeral expenses. In this case, considering the option of extending your own life policy with MiWayLife to cover your entire family. This way, funeral costs are taken care of without the need for multiple individual policies.

The bottom line


We understand that every family's situation is unique, which is why it’s always a good idea to contact us for a quick quote. We offer a 4-in-1 policy with just one monthly premium and our expert team can suggest the most suitable type of life insurance cover and the optimal coverage amount for your needs.

Did You Know:

You can now take out life cover with us online in a few simple steps. No calls and no agents! Make sure to take care of those you love today by buying MiWayLife cover online.

Need more information on MiWayLife? Read about our life insurance product, or get a life insurance quote in 30 seconds. Alternatively, call us on 0860 64 54 33 .
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