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Holiday Meals That Are Healthy But Taste Good
Holiday Meals That Are Healthy But Taste Good
10 Dec 2020

By the time the festive season swings by, healthy eating usually gets thrown out the window. With plenty on offer from friends and family in the form of sweet and savoury dishes that will make a celery stick drool, how do you stick to healthy eating that doesn't taste like despair and punishment?

Healthy food can be interesting and tasty. Here are four things that you can do this holiday.


Switch from fried to grilled

Who doesn't enjoy a good braai? One of the benefits that comes with grilling is that it is a healthier alternative to frying your meat. However, keep in mind to keep your portions at a decent size, equivalent to your fist. Make sure to include more white meat as it is a healthier alternative to red meat. Balancing this out with grilled vegetables, salads and fruit salads will make for a healthy and tasty meal.


Going meatless

With most of us being busy, fixing a healthy dish may seem like out of the question. However, there are healthy recipes that can be fixed in a few minutes and are healthy. You can try choosing a few days where you go meatless by making recipes that are plant-based and filling. For example, websites such as Cooking Light offer a range of healthy recipes that include meat and ones that are plant-based to prepare over the festive season. Try making their zesty Basil Ricotta ravioli spinach for a light and tasty lunch.


Investing in an air fryer

If there is a worthwhile investment that will turn a craving for fast-food into a guilt-free meal, the air fryer is one. Ranging from R970 to top of the range air fryers costing close to R7,000. You will be able to enjoy homemade fries, pizza, chicken and more that has been air-dried to crispy perfection - no oil required.


Don’t skip on breakfast

While it may be tempting to grab a slice of toast or the leftovers from last night, skipping on breakfast can result in you missing the necessary nutrients. You can opt for wholegrain cereal, oats, or a delicious omelette served up with fresh vegetables, tomatoes and cheese. While the filling can be anything of your choosing, remember to keep it fresh and green with an adequate amount of water or 100% juice to wash it down.

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