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Hobbies Your Life Insurer Won’t Cover
Hobbies Your Life Insurer Won’t Cover
14 Apr 2021

Lockdown may have inspired a few of us to go back to the noble art of having a hobby, but did you know that there are some hobbies and activities that can cause your life cover claim to be denied?

Why do insurers care about your hobbies and activities?

Life insurers look at the level of threat that certain things pose to your life to ensure that you are adequately covered. They also look at whether the activities and lifestyle choices you make will put your life at risk. While harmless fun in a hobby to help you relax will not impact your cover, adventure, or adrenaline-seekers who put their lives at risk deliberately could find their claim being denied.


What are some of the common reasons why claims get declined?

The top reason to date for claims being denied according to ASISA, is people being guilty of non-disclosure. This is when someone leaves out critical information regarding their medical history, health, occupation, or lifestyle choices such as hobbies and activities that can pose a threat to their life or cause them to die early. 


The second biggest reason for insurers to deny a claim is client-specific underwriting exclusions. Your insurer will disclose all exclusions that can cause your life cover to be denied when you are taking out a policy. However, you must read your policy documents or speak to your insurer about any exclusions you may not understand to avoid any frustrations when it's time to place a claim.


Dangerous hobbies and activities that won’t be covered

Whether the need for a release during lockdown has motivated you to take on a hobby or activity or the need to try something new during a holiday, make sure it does not clash with your policy exclusions. There will be a few daredevils that try to push the envelope which can have insurers raising red flags. Dangerous hobbies and activities are anything that can put your life at risk such as:

Cliff diving                                                                                         

Solo climb mountaineering

Free diving at depths greater than 25m 

Expedition caving

Scuba diving at depths greater than 40m                 

Hazardous aviation activities

Unaccompanied scuba diving     

Recurrent hang-gliding/Sky diving

Cave diving                                 

Drag racing or speed contests

Expedition style mountaineering 

Professional boxing/kick boxing


This will differ from insurer to insurer, which is why you need to check your cover before making plans. It will ensure that you and your loved ones are covered no matter what happens during your life, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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