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Hobbies and Activities Your Insurer Won’t Cover
Hobbies and Activities Your Insurer Won’t Cover
24 Sep 2019

Toying with the idea of packing your bags and travelling is something that tends to happen more frequently when the weather gets warmer.

Nothing increases your wanderlust further like searching for a holiday destination, as you mentally hatch a plan on which family member to leave your bundle of joy(s) with for the weekend or taking a breather from the office.


Having a travel checklist can help you avoid leaving out the important items and documents. Before you process your bookings and pack your bags, check that your life insurance is in order.  It will give you that added peace of mind knowing that you will be covered while travelling. This is crucial if you have plans of participating in physical activities whilst on holiday as there are some hobbies and activities that insurers will not cover you for.


If you are travelling abroad

There are many reasons why people want to travel abroad such as experiencing the food, scenic views, or recreational activities they have on offer that inspired you to dust off your passport to book a flight to your desired destination. While making up your mind in terms of which country to visit can be tricky, it is important to know which countries to keep off your list as your insurer will not cover in the event of an accident or death.


These are normally listed under the exclusions paragraph under the terms and conditions. Claim events that occur in one of the following countries will not be covered because of the level of risk they pose: 



Angola (Cabinda Province)           

Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)



Central African Republic                 

Nigeria (Niger Delta)



Democratic Republic of Congo       





Syrian Arab Republic

North Korea                                     




Dangerous Hobbies and Activities

What's a holiday without partaking in some activities that get your adrenaline pumping? Every once in a while, there will be a few daredevils that try to push the envelope which can have insurers raising red flags. Dangerous hobbies and activities are anything that can put your life at risk such as:

Cliff diving                                                                                         

Solo Climb Mountaineering

Free diving at depths greater than 25m 

Expedition Caving

Scuba diving at depths greater than 40m                 

Hazardous aviation activities

Unaccompanied scuba diving     

Recurrent hang-gliding/Sky diving

Cave diving                                 

Drag racing or Speed Contests

Expedition style mountaineering 

Professional boxing/Kick Boxing



This will differ from insurer to insurer, which is why you need to check your cover before making plans. It will ensure that you and your loved ones are covered no matter what happens during your trip, giving you one less thing to worry about.

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