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Gordon Beeming
Gordon Beeming Triathlete
07 Jun 2019

It was the sound of his breathing at night that caused Gordon Beaming's wife to comment that it sounded like he was dying which triggered something within him.

Having gained 175kg in 2014 and being unable to keep up with his active son caused him to set a goal to hit the road running. Literally.  We have a chat to find out more on his journey to becoming a triathlete.

What made you fall in love with the sport of Triathlon – Is this the only type of sport you do?

I started running in 2016. I liked the idea of triathlons and when visiting my family in the USA last year March, I did my first triathlon which was the Florida 70.3 Intimidator and have been hooked since.

What is your claim to fame in any sports discipline – something you’re proud of?

I’ve been fortunate that whenever I’ve put my mind towards a sporting goal I’ve generally been able to pull through. Growing up in school I played U15 KZN Badminton, U18 KZN Rugby and no less than 3 years into running, I am doing the marathon, 70.3’s, and this weekend the Comrades Marathon.

Any famous family members/relatives if not you?

No, although my family in the USA were Ironman AWA ranked Silver (Uncle) and Bronze (Aunt) last year. I look up to them a lot for my sporting

Something not a lot of people know about you?

I’m a really big guy which most know (well you can see it). What most people don’t know is that in 2014 I weighed 50kg more than I do today.

What are your mid and long-term goals for your sporting career?

I have a ‘problem’ where I enjoy torture I guess. Mental strength is the key to achieving any goals.

Mid-term: I just want to continue enjoying what I do and get a bit faster as I get mentally and physically stronger.

Long-term: I have my eyes set on a bunch of crazy triathlons like Ultraman (Double full Ironman back to back), Epic Man Challenge (Triple full Ironman back to back), Epic 5 (5 full Ironman, 5 days, each island of Hawaii) and Uber Man (42km swim, 645km bike, 220 km run).

Anything exciting coming up for you?

Nothing exciting for a small while. I did the Durban 70.3 last weekend and the Comrades this coming weekend. I am currently thinking of what my first full Ironman can be, but ultimately just enjoying every minute out there.

Married – children?

Married. I have two children; a daughter who is five and a son who is eight.


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