Having gained 175kg in 2014 and being unable to keep up with his active son caused him to set a goal to hit the road running. Literally.  We have a chat to find out more on his journey to becoming a triathlete.

What made you fall in love with the sport of Triathlon – Is this the only type of sport you do?

I started running in 2016. I liked the idea of triathlons and when visiting my family in the USA last year March, I did my first triathlon which was the Florida 70.3 Intimidator and have been hooked since.

What is your claim to fame in any sports discipline – something you’re proud of?

I’ve been fortunate that whenever I’ve put my mind towards a sporting goal I’ve generally been able to pull through. Growing up in school I played U15 KZN Badminton, U18 KZN Rugby and no less than 3 years into running, I am doing the marathon, 70.3’s, and this weekend the Comrades Marathon.

Any famous family members/relatives if not you?

No, although my family in the USA were Ironman AWA ranked Silver (Uncle) and Bronze (Aunt) last year. I look up to them a lot for my sporting

Something not a lot of people know about you?

I’m a really big guy which most know (well you can see it). What most people don’t know is that in 2014 I weighed 50kg more than I do today.

What are your mid and long-term goals for your sporting career?

I have a ‘problem’ where I enjoy torture I guess. Mental strength is the key to achieving any goals.

Mid-term: I just want to continue enjoying what I do and get a bit faster as I get mentally and physically stronger.

Long-term: I have my eyes set on a bunch of crazy triathlons like Ultraman (Double full Ironman back to back), Epic Man Challenge (Triple full Ironman back to back), Epic 5 (5 full Ironman, 5 days, each island of Hawaii) and Uber Man (42km swim, 645km bike, 220 km run).

Anything exciting coming up for you?

Nothing exciting for a small while. I did the Durban 70.3 last weekend and the Comrades this coming weekend. I am currently thinking of what my first full Ironman can be, but ultimately just enjoying every minute out there.

Married – children?

Married. I have two children; a daughter who is five and a son who is eight.