Glen Gore's Top Tips For Runners
Glen Gore's Top Tips For Runners
06 Mar 2018

Glen Gore gives us his top five tips ahead of a long running race

  • Make sure you get in your last long run at least 3 weeks before race day
  • Second weekend before race day – work on your speed – shorter run but at race preferred race pace
  • Last week before race day requires loads of rest/eating well and sleeping lots – you do not get any fitter in the last 7 days so rather do the “less is more” approach within 7 days of race day
  • Race in the shoes you have trained in – no last minute run shoe buy – even new socks should be avoided
  • Get your nutritional plan in place long before race day – practice this during your last long run – 3 weeks out from race day. Don’t go into the race without a plan to keep yourself fuelled for the entire 56km race distance
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