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Fitness Myths That People Still Believe
Fitness Myths That People Still Believe
25 Nov 2019

There are a handful of fitness myths that started as half-truths that many of us now believe. However, these could be harmful to your health. We bust six myths that people have when it comes to fitness and losing weight.

You can crunch your way to abs

At some stage, you would have come across an advert of someone with chiselled abs, doing crunches effortlessly on the floor. There are also waist training belts on the market that give the promise of a slender waist. Now you can say goodbye to your muffin top, right? Not really.

According to research, isolating your abdominal region by doing crunches will give you little to no results. The reason for this is that your body fat contributes to the fat that sits in your abdomen.  You will have to work out consistently on your whole body to start seeing results. Including workouts such as planks can fire several muscle groups along your side, arms, back, legs and abdomen to give you the desired results.


I can work out whatever I eat

Your metabolism may do your bidding while you are young, but this slows down as you become older. Let's face it, there are no shortcuts when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Instead, you will have to put in the work consistently to maintain a healthy and toned body. Therefore, exercising for 1 or 2 days a week will not cut it.

If you are looking for results, it is paramount to consistently workout 3-5 times a week. Changing your diet also plays a significant role when it comes to losing weight. Switch to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and white meat such as chicken and fish to help you create a holistic fitness schedule.


No pain no gain

The myth that you need to feel pain to show that you are getting a good workout is a dangerous one, as it can lead you to serious injuries. Listening to your body can indicate when you need to stop. The same goes for people who believe that they need to sweat profusely. Not only are you losing a lot of electrolytes, but you are also straining your body which can increase your risk of injury.


Trying to do too much too soon

It may have been a while since you hit the gym, or you want to have a summer body in two months. To achieve this, many people fail to listen to their body and end up doing too much too soon. Exercising is all about starting at whatever level you are at and slowly building your way to where you want to be. Doing this all in a short space of time can lead to injuries or burnout.


You will bulk up if you lift weights

Bulking up is a fear that many women have when it comes to lifting weights. However, it is possible to lift weights without becoming bulky. Lifting weights form a critical part of fitness routines. It will help you keep toned and improve your posture, heart health, and increase your calorie burn.

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