Final Prep for Two Oceans Marathon
Final Prep for Two Oceans Marathon
08 Mar 2018

For a lot of runners Two Oceans will be used as a long run for Comrades. If that’s you, try and think of Two Oceans as a “dress rehearsal.”

Use the same shorts, vest, socks and shoes as you’ll be using during Comrades to make sure everything is comfortable and works for you.

Take a rest day two days out, but have a jog the day before race day. A tried and tested plan is to run 10-14km before, so that you get a good 66-70km long run in.


If it is a goal race or peak race:

A good plan is to run peak miles 5 weeks before and follow a gradual taper from there. In the last 4 weeks focus on race pace tempo runs and up tempo speed sessions to improve economy at speed.


Remember that strength and long run endurance can't be improved in the last 4 weeks, so don't try to cram in miles.


Run am 8km time trial or 10km race 10 days before the race at 85% of maximum heart rate for 80% of the race. For the last 2km, go flat out. This helps a lot in raising thresholds and cruising speed.

I would jog 20 Min the day before with light race pace pick ups.

Rest two days before.

Three days out I would warm up and do 3X1km at projected race pace.

Rest 4 days before 

Five days before I would warm up and run 5X1km at projected race pace.

Rest 6 days before.

7 days before I would do 1h30. With the last 20min at projected race pace.

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