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Does a BMI Calculator Differ for Men and Women?
Does a BMI Calculator Differ for Men and Women?
10 Jun 2021

A BMI calculator is used to estimate your body fat and whether it is suitable for you. It is also a useful tool to gauge your risk against various diseases. But are BMI calculators different for men and women?

Weight differences between men and women

When it comes to the male and female body mass index charts, these differ in value, with men tending to have higher figures compared to women. However, when it comes to using something like a BMI calculator, it calculates in the same way.


BMI calculator definition of healthy and unhealthy weight

BMI calculators have a range of what is considered healthy and unhealthy weight which can put you at a higher risk of contracting weight-related illnesses such as; diabetes, heart conditions, stroke, and high blood pressure. Commonly accepted BMI ranges are: 

  • A BMI of less than 18.5 means that a person is underweight.
  • A BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is ideal.
  • A BMI of between 25 and 29.9 is overweight.
  • A BMI over 30 indicates obesity.


It is important to take the BMI Calculator as a tool to estimate your health instead of relying on it. Recent studies have revealed that BMI calculators are not 100% accurate as they do not take into consideration things such as waist circumference which can play a significant part in your overall health. 


It also doesn't recognize the difference between muscle and fat, making it possible to list someone with a high percentage of muscle mass as being excessively overweight even if they have low body fat. BMI is useful for people who are looking for an estimate of where their health is at, but it is crucial to speak to a medical professional to get an in-depth assessment. Doing this can also give you access to healthy methods that can help you become healthier without putting your health at risk. 


Other ways to measure your health

If you are looking for an accurate way to assess your BMI, it is recommended that you speak to a doctor or dietician who will be able to give you an assessment that is tailored for you. Some of the other methods that are used to calculate an accurate BMI is the Dual-energy X-ray absorptionmerty (DEXA), body circumference measurements which include the measuring of your waist, and skinfold callipers.


How to improve your health

Changing your lifestyle can help improve your BMI. You will have to cut back on unhealthy foods and poor sleeping patterns. Including more vegetables and fruits in your diet can significantly improve your health. It is also crucial to exercise regularly to keep you in good form. Always remember to pace yourself.

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