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Diane Kelway - Sweet Addict, MiFitLife Client and Marathon Runner
Diane Kelway - Sweet Addict, MiFitLife Client and Marathon Runner
10 Jul 2018

Diane Kelway has completed the London Marathon, overcome a health condition and can be bribed into almost anything with a jellybean...

What is your biggest frustration as a Multisport athlete?

When working full time it has to be time! Just never enough time to get it all the training done!! In an attempt to master all three disciplines you end up mastering none. However saying that, it is wonderful to have the variety in training and especially when you are injured you at least have other options. But the toughest has to be the early morning swim sets in the middle of winter - my word, takes a crazy mind to get up at 4h20; frost on the ground, its 2 degrees and you are going swimming!


One thing that stands out for you as a MiFitLife customer?

I took out the MiFit policy last year when a friend of mine was involved in a cycling accident. I was so impressed by the way his claims and race entries were handled that I thought I would take out the policy, especially as I had entered Ironman. BUT as luck would have it, 4 months later I needed to use this policy as I developed a number of stress fractures in my legs. The policy was exactly as advertised, no hidden T's and C's or unnecessary hoops to jump through. I was most grateful I had taken the policy out!!!


What is your most impressive moment/achievement?

Not so much an impressive moment or achievement, but rather two very significant sporting events I was luckily enough to do in the not so distant past:

  • I was diagnosed with a health condition a few years back. I needed to prove to myself that I was better than my “condition” and what better way than to enter an endurance event! Ironman Durban 70.3 2016 was my race of choice and I entered my first half Ironman distance event there and then. That year, they cancelled the swim due to the extreme conditions. This made me feel sad as I had worked so hard to complete the race, but after seeing the swells and rip-current, I knew the race director had made the correct decision. Being a relatively new cyclist, the bike leg of the race was exhilarating! I made sure I went back in 2017 and managed to secure my first ever half distance triathlon finish!
  • Running the London Marathon last year as my first marathon (in a time of 3hr50) and having the very best time of my life. I enjoyed every minute and every km of the run. I took videos and selfies; I chatted to people; I high-fived children along the route and I completely embraced every mile to ensure I did not forget a moment of it. I wanted the time to slow down as I was having way too much fun for it to end. What wonderful memories I have for my first marathon!


Something the sports world doesn't know about you?

I eat a huge amount of sweets. Anything from jelly tots, soft gums, wine gums, milk bottles and smarties. I can be bought, bribed and convinced to do anything for sweets.

The people I train with are like family to me. I do not easily cancel a session when I have committed to it and I try bring a smile to the occasion, no matter how tough (or cold) it might be! I just love being active and part of a community of triathletes who understand me and have the same goals. Not to be the best in the field, but to be the best ME I can be.


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