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Birth Control For Men
Birth Control For Men
26 Sep 2019

Birth control might currently be associated with woman, but this is soon going to change. A team of scientists has successfully tested a male contraceptive in a 28-day trial without any of them experiencing side effects.

While this has been received with mixed emotions, here are some of the things you need to know when it comes to male contraceptives. 

Male birth control pill

Recent statistics revealed that more people are opting to have children later in life or none at all. However, sometimes people do get surprised by an unexpected pregnancy. For those trying to avoid such situations, a contraceptive pill is one of the solutions.

The pill combines two hormonal activities in one to help decrease the sperm count in the semen without altering a man’s sex drive. The pill can also be reversible when compared to other contraceptives such as a vasectomy.

Being on the pill can help men with effective family and financial planning. Being on the same page with your partner can also make the process smoother by having their support.

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Exploring other methods of male contraceptives

There are several other contraceptive methods that men can choose. When making such decisions, research is always very important. Make sure that the information you are getting is from a doctor to avoid any misunderstandings.

Having a vasectomy is one of the procedures that are available for men, but it can be irreversible. It involves the cutting of the two tubes known as the vas deferens that prevents sperm from entering the semen.

Undoing this procedure is not always successful, which is why you need to carefully consider the option of this procedure. Opting for protected sex by using a latex and polyurethane condom which are commonly used could be your better option.


Preparing yourself financially

There are two types of people; those that want to have children of their own one day and those that do not. The common factor is that it will have financial implications. This is where family planning and preparing your finances matter. Scheduling doctor’s appointments to check what contraceptives or procedures are suitable needs to be considered into your budget. 

For people planning on having a baby, a baby budget is essential. It can help you adjust your finances and your life accordingly to welcome a new life into your world. However, it can only stretch so far which means you will need insurance to protect you against life's unforeseen events. 

Having a life insurance cover such as MiLittleLife can ease the financial stress knowing that your baby is covered while they are still in the womb and after by creating a safety net for them. 

We could be waiting for ten years before the male contraceptive pills are dispensed to the public, but that doesn't mean that you can't play an active role in planning your and your child's future by thinking ahead.


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