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Are You Irreplaceable In The Workplace?
Are You Irreplaceable In The Workplace?
10 Mar 2020

Finding a job is not smooth sailing, it can be a job within itself, but once you finally received the, 'we are pleased to inform you' email, you want to make sure that you give it your best shot.

Here are some tips to help you start your job on the right foot and become irreplaceable.

No room for negative self-talk

Starting something new can be exciting and also daunting, which is normal for most people, but the last thing you want to do is focus on all the reasons why you think you are inadequate. Keep your mind on positive things that boost your confidence to enable you to carry out tasks confidently. Always remember that they chose you because they believed you are capable.

Know what your Key Performance areas are

Your Key performance indicators (KPI) are usually discussed during the interview process and will come up during your monthly or quarterly performance review. It can also be a great guideline to see what is expected of you, therefore, giving you enough room to see how you can improve each aspect of your job.

Don’t get comfortable

Whether you have been at your job for a couple of months or years, always remember to evolve. No matter what industry you are in, there is always something new that is being developed to help businesses work faster and smarter. Even the funeral industry is evolving. Keep one step ahead by knowing what is happening around you and how you can improve your work. Constantly perfect your craft.

No man is an island

As much as you may be able to carry out a lot of tasks on your own, it helps to build a network of people who can help you get the tasks done. If there is a way for you to delegate tasks that see everyone winning, go for it. Ask where you can assist if you have the strengths that will make the task achievable but remember not to take on too many tasks.

Set standards that you will be able to keep

First impressions last. However, try to avoid making the mistake of overextending yourself in an attempt to impress the powers that be. If you are planning to work late to get work done, assess if you will be able to do this every time you need to complete your tasks. Be realistic about how many tasks you can take on to avoid overextending yourself, which can lead to burning out.

Be accountable

Sometimes things do not always go as planned. What matters the most is how you react to such situations. Learn to be accountable for any setbacks instead of pointing fingers. Remember that if at first you do not succeed pick yourself up and try again.


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