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Anneri Harmse – Pilot, Triathlete, Superwoman
Anneri Harmse – Pilot, Triathlete, Superwoman
05 Oct 2018

In between doing triathlons and learning to dance, Anneri is a commercial pilot. What's her secret to fitting everything in?

Why did you choose aviation as a career path?

Since I was a young girl I always wanted to see the world. Then I thought 'well, why not become a pilot?'

Once I did my first flight I was in another world and I just knew that this was what I wanted to do. All my friends went on matric holiday...I went to flying school! 

How do you make the time to train for triathlon and still manage to fly Boeings in between?

Training does become very challenging as I cannot always follow a group program and need a very patient and understanding coach with regards to my flight schedule. 

Our flight times differ and early morning bike rides can't be joined due to only landing after 23h00, so some days training later in the day when everybody is already done is the only option. Rest is very important too. Other days I have to pack and consult 2 days in advance for training and go for a run in JHB or watt bike in Durban and remember to pack the cleats. 

The other challenge is the irregular hours and duty. Where some people take events for granted on a Saturday or Sunday we work most of those days and sometimes need to put in leave for a special event.

Flying also affects your body as you all know with the pressurization and after a long day I can definitely feel it in my performance. 

My best advice if you travel to an event, apart from compression socks and hydration, is to not travel last minute or a day before.

Weather, airports, baggage, delays and diversions can all put a serious spanner in the works if you leave it to the last minute. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 


Any other interesting hobbies that we don’t know of?

I used to do modern, tap, Latin and Ballroom dancing and also have a surfboard that has been dying to get out in the water. 

My fiance and I also went MTB touring through Italy and it is definitely a new hobby and a MUST on any bucket list


Why MiFitLife for you?

My whole career depends on my physical ability. If anything should happen this product covers me. I would recommend it to everybody. I cant see why anybody would go without it. 

What is your favourite discipline out of the three sports of Triathlon?  

Wow. I guess we do triathlon cause we love them all. Swim was my worst. My first triathlon was a bsg energade at Roodeplaat dam and I was told that if you hold onto or stop in the water you are disqualified. I almost thought that was my last day. But I finished the swim, got soaked on the bike and just looked forward to the run because I knew was my best phase. Eight years later though I love the swim and some days dread the run.


Your best event? 

Has to be my first full Ironman!

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