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Africa Day is more than donning African printed fabric, dancing and singing
Africa Day is more than donning African printed fabric, dancing and singing
25 May 2019

“I am an African!” It’s something that is said with your stomach in and chest puffed out on days such as the 25th of May. A day in which the AU has set aside as Africa Day to celebrate how far we have come from colonialism and Apartheid while reflecting on the challenges that we are facing as a continent in the global environment.

It’s also a reminder to the world that Africa is not a country but a continent with 55 countries, 900 languages, and diverse cultures scattered across its borders. We are bold, taking leaps where we never thought we could. We have a diverse tapestry of history and untapped potential that clash and fuse all at the same time and drive us to redefine what it means to be a 21st century African.  

We may have come far from where we used to be, but we still have even further to go, 

but on days like Africa Day it helps to reflect on the steps we have achieved so far. Our differences are like ingredients to your favourite dish. Individually they may not taste great but bring it all together and you will create something amazing. By uniting behind our similarities of striving for a better Africa that celebrates our unique aspects we can create so much room to make our continent remarkable.  

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