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7 Things to Create a Lasting Legacy
7 Things to Create a Lasting Legacy
15 Mar 2021

A legacy is not created through one spectacular act or moment that is supposed to define your life, but it is built through small actions that you decide to take that can have a far-reaching impact long after you have made the decision.

But where do you start? How can you define your legacy without things becoming overwhelming? Here are seven tips to get you started.


Define your goals and values

A key aspect of creating a legacy is knowing what values you stand on. It will help you avoid falling for any and everything that doesn't bring you closer to achieving your legacy. Our values shape how we see ourselves and the world. It impacts what we learn and helps bring us closer to creating something we will be most proud of.


It's not fixed

Always remember that nothing is fixed. Creating a lasting legacy needs you to constantly evolve, learn, unlearn and grow with each phase of life you find yourself in. Therefore, give yourself room to make mistakes and to learn from these mistakes. It can be trial and error, but with a set goal in mind, it can be worth going through.


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It requires courage

One thing not many people speak about is the amount of courage it takes to work on leaving a legacy. First comes the step you need to take to define your goals and values you want to establish, then comes having the courage to take action. It's not something that will come overnight, but through the little decisions you make each day. Be mindful of the things you say yes to and the actions you make and assess if they are bringing you closer to your goals.


Taking care of others

Legacies are never created for the person who has started them, but for the people that follow after them. Whether it be a financial goal such as creating wealth that will benefit others, establishing a health-conscious movement, or equipping others with skills and values that will help elevate them in whatever pursuits they want to follow will require effort and planning on your end.


Start now

There is no better time than now to start building your legacy. Do your research, ask the questions, but most importantly be kind to yourself. Understand that creating a legacy doesn't happen overnight, but it will need you to be in it for the long haul. Even if it means starting over again multiple times.


Learn from your mistakes

Legacies are built on mistakes. The key is learning from these mistakes to become better. A legacy is never defined at the end of the road but it's shaped by the moments you share, the decisions you make, and your ability to learn and overcome each mistake you make. It's never stagnant but adapts accordingly to each phase of life you find yourself in.


Plan for the future

We may not have control over what the future holds for us, but we can plan for certain aspects of it. Creating a financial safety net against the curveballs that life throws at us from time to time is vital. Having life cover can help protect you and your loved ones on your journey to creating a meaningful legacy so that you can focus on building with peace of mind that you are financially protected.  

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