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5 Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill This Winter
5 Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill This Winter
26 May 2022

Temperatures may be dropping, but it does not mean your electricity bill needs to be rising. Making your home energy-efficient can save you thousands of rands in the process.

It could mean switching to energy efficient appliances and knowing how to insulate your home better. Here are a couple of energy saving tips to help you through this winter season.


Manage your geyser effectively

When there is more than one person in the house and the geyser is not monitored carefully, it can soon cause your electricity bill to run high. Make sure to limit the time your geyser is left on. Another tip is to cover your geyser with an insulating blanket which can help retain the heat in your geyser for longer. Insulating blankets are known to reduce standby heat loss from a geyser by 25% - 45%.


Invest in energy efficient appliances

It may seem like something small to switch your appliances and light bulbs to energy-efficient options, but it could reduce the costs overtime. Try to replace any old appliances that can be electricity vampires or switching to ones that have an energy efficient rating to reduce your expenses.


Check for gaps

All your hard work of keeping your home warm can go down the drain if there are loose window frames or a window that does not close properly, allowing drafts of cold air to come in. Remember to do a house check for any windows that have gaps that need to be sealed. Doing this before winter can save you the ordeal of having to fix it when it is rainy and wet.


Wait until it’s full

When it comes to appliances such as your dishwater or washing machine a good rule is to wait until it is full to save on electricity. The same goes for drying. Choose to air-dry your dishes and clothes to help reduce the amount of power that goes into keeping these things dry.


Insulate your home

You can save up to 16% on your bill by insulating your home properly. You could choose between bulk insulation or reflective foil insulation which will help counteract the airs natural tendency to move from warm areas into colder areas. In turn, you won't have to crank the heater all the way up for long periods to keep your home warm.

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