5 Tips For An Epic Cape Ultra
5 Tips For An Epic Cape Ultra
12 Jun 2018

The Cape Ultra is not too far away now – what can you do to have the best race possible come race day in September?

  • Wetsuits are a MUST – a neoprene hoodie is a great additional that will ensure no ice-cream headaches that come from swimming in the cold water (around 13-14 degree’s that time of year)
  • Bring some warm clothes along for race day – Theewater is chilly on race morning and you will need to keep super warm before your start time is up

  • Arms warmers and gloves are a great idea for the start of the bike – toe shoe covers ensure the toes stay warm


  • Start conservatively – the bike course is extra tough if you go out too hard. Make sure you have your gears on the bike working 100% so you can switch between the slow sections going up-hill and the fast sections going down-hill
  • Use trail shoes for the run which is almost entirely off-road. Normal run shoes will suffice but you have the extra grip with the trail specific shoes on the soft sand trails around the apple orchards


Good Luck – The Cape Ultra is a great race and definitely one for the bucket-list

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