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5 Things You Can Do to Help You Relax
5 Things You Can Do to Help You Relax
03 Apr 2021

Unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders, breathe in and relax. These might seem easy to do, but with so much going on most people may require a bit more to help them relax. We have put together fun things to help you breathe in relaxation and breath out the stress.

A room with a view

On days where it's not possible to leave the house, finding a room with a view can be helpful. Be still. Switch off anything that can distract you. If calm music playing in the background helps you, then put some on. The aim is to get yourself to get out of your head and be present in the moment. Sometimes going through whatever is stressing you to the point where you feel like you have addressed the issue can help alleviate your level of stress. However, focus on just staring out and being in the moment.


Go for a walk

Get moving by going for a walk. Not only will this give you a moment to breathe and get a light form of exercise, but it is a literal way of escaping an environment that could be stressing you. You can listen to a podcast or songs that can help improve your mood or simply walk in silence.


Enjoy a cuppa

Get your favourite cup ready and make yourself something hot to drink. Drinking tea or coffee can force us to slow down and also control our breath which is a form of relaxation to help calm our nerves. If hot beverages are not your thing, consider drinking water or your favourite beverage in a spot that brings you peace.


Art therapy

You do not have to be a pro or creative for this one. Doing art therapy is a form of self-care that can be enjoyed by everyone. Not only is it meditative, but it's also a way to ease the tension. You can choose to draw, journal or make something, even if it is scribbles on a piece of paper. Try to create an environment that can encourage you not to overthink. Art therapy doesn't require perfection, but expression. So, let loose!


Enjoy some Aromatherapy

Take off your shoes and place your feet on a soft or fluffy surface. Have some scented candles lit with some ambient music to match. You can also get your hands on some essential oils such as camomile, lavender or bergamot to name a few to help you relax. Add some of these oils to your bath or spritz them around the room. You can also massage yourself with these or have a pampering day where you get to enjoy these at a spa.

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