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5 Reasons Why Vitamin C is Considered The Winter Booster
5 Reasons Why Vitamin C is Considered The Winter Booster
09 Jul 2020

Did you know that strawberries contain more vitamin C than a single orange? From boosting your immune system to preventing colds, to reducing tiredness in winter, there are many things that Vitamin C can do for you. Here are five reasons why you need to stock up on Vitamin C this winter.

It can help repair and boost your body

Consuming Vitamin C is perfect for cold and dry seasons such as Winter which is infamously known to bring the flu along with it. It can help boost your immune system, heal wounds and form scar tissue. It can also strengthen your bone structure, allow for proper iron absorption into your blood and give you healthy skin.

It can be found in fruits and vegetables

Balance your diet this winter season with a mixture of vegetables and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C such as:


Citrus Fruit


Spinach (And other leafy green vegetables)

Sweet potatoes


Green or red peppers

The daily recommended amount of vitamin C that you need is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.

It can protect you from free radicals that cause health issues

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that aids in repairing damaged valves and veins that has been caused by free radicals which are molecules that can harm your vessels and DNA. Free radicals are also known to cause cancer, heart disease and arthritis which can be found in some of the foods we eat.

It can protect you from negative effects of stress

Stress can weaken our immune system from being able to fight off antigens that make us susceptible to infections. Vitamin C can help protect the brain and your nervous system from the harmful effects that come with stress by synthesising stress hormones like adrenaline.

Reduces your chances of getting the flu

The cold season is synonymous with the flu. This is why Vitamin C is commonly used to reduce a cold and flu from developing into a serious complication such as pneumonia and lung infections, which is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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