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5 Fully Body Workouts to Start Adding to Your Regime
5 Fully Body Workouts to Start Adding to Your Regime
26 Mar 2021

Full-body workouts are the 'all-in-one' workouts. It activates all your muscles at the same time while increasing your range of motion and sculpting your body to be where you need it to be.

Here are a few full-body workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home or at the gym that can help improve your results.


Body weight squats

Using your body weight to help condition your muscles and build endurance is a great workout to include in every session. Use your body weight when you do a squat without any equipment. Be careful to listen to your body and maintain good form. Always remember that it's not about how many you can get in, but it's about doing each rep with good form


Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers fire off various muscles at the same time in their arms, legs, glutes and back to give an overall exercise. As you carry out each step, challenge yourself to push your body to increase its endurance and also improve your heart health in the process. Stick to a comfortable pace and choose a number of reps that you can comfortably do. Gradually increase the number of reps as you get used to it.


Dead bugs

This workout may be focused on your core, but it is also a great workout for your legs and arms. Lying in a comfortable position on the floor, with your arms straight up and your legs bent at a 90-degree angle (your shins should be facing the ceiling), move each arm up and down with the opposite leg. For example, as your right hand comes down so will your left leg. Keep everything straight, your core tight, and remember to breathe.


Classic plank

One of the challenging workouts that makes time stand still is another full body workout that can help you target more than one muscle at a time – the plank. Remember to keep your core braced and breathe evenly as you spend 30second intervals or one minute in a plank position. Push back on your toes and engage your glutes to get more out of this position.



Burpees can be an interesting challenge for your muscles but remember to listen to your body when doing this one. Should you find the flat-out burpees hard to do at first, try modifying these with a slowed-down version. Start as normal by jumping as high as you can go with your arms raised to the ceiling. When you land on your feet, bring your arms and legs to a crawl position, but instead of extending your legs at the same time extend them one at a time as quickly as possible then repeat. Make sure that your core remains tight throughout. 

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