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4 Financial Tools to Help Your Finances
4 Financial Tools to Help Your Finances
22 Feb 2022

Staying on top of your finances doesn't have to be hard if you know which tools can help you move smartly. Whether it is budgeting or keeping track of your finances, here are some handy tools to keep you in control.

22Seven App

Keep track of your accounts and spending with 22Seven app. It helps you monitor your personal finances and is useful for people who want to avoid going over their budget. You can also link it to a range of accounts such as your savings account and business account to track your income and expenses.


Life insurance calculator

Life insurance is one of the most vital policies you will need. Answering the question of how much life insurance is enough to build an adequate financial safety net for you and your loved ones can be tricky, especially if you don't know where to start. An online life insurance calculator can help you know how much life insurance will be enough for you so that you are covered no matter what life throws at you. 



Keeping track of your credit can let you avoid taking on debt that could put you in the red or even hurt your credit score. Your credit score will affect your access to things such as credit cards, home and car loans. ClearScore can give you access to your credit score, current payments and things that need to be fixed to improve your credit score.


Banking apps

Banks have gone digital. So, why not take advantage of what they have on offer. Most of the major banks in South Africa now offer smart features in their banking apps that help you keep track of your finances, have bank statements available at a click of a button, and online banking that gives you better control over your finances.


There are many options for you to pick and install based on your financial goals. It can also be beneficial to reach out to a financial advisor who will be able to help you set and track financial goals that can see you throughout the year without placing a strain on your finances.

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