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2024 Elections: Why It’s Important That You Vote
2024 Elections: Why It’s Important That You Vote
20 May 2024

May is election month! Don’t miss your chance to help shape South Africa’s future. As a South African citizen, if you’re 18 or older, you have the constitutional right to vote so use it and use it wisely.

It was only 25 years ago that not everybody had that right, so don’t take it for granted. Your voice is important and gives you a chance to play a role in shaping our country’s democratic future in a way that directly impacts your life.


Here are just a few reasons why your vote in the South African elections on the 29th of May can make all the difference.

Elections are what drives change
If you don’t like something, change it. Voting is your opportunity to play a part in choosing a political party that you think will do the best job of steering South Africa towards a better future. You only get this opportunity once every five years so don’t miss it. 

Not voting gives your power away
You might think your vote doesn’t matter, but you’re wrong. When you don’t vote, you give more power to other voices, diminish the collective power of what could’ve been and then have to live with other people’s choices. When people say “If you don’t vote, then you must not complain”, they’re not wrong.

Voting affects your money
You’re paying taxes every day, even when you buy a litre of milk at the corner shop. But where is that tax money going? When you vote, you’re getting to have a say in how this money – your money – is being spent as the government, which is voted for by people just like you, decides what to fund, be it healthcare or schooling.

How to find your voting station

If you’ve registered to vote but are unsure where your voting station is, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has made it easy for you. Simply head to their website, scroll down and look for the block titled “My voter registration”. Enter your ID number into the form below, click “Check now” and it will bring up your ward and voting district as well as your voting registration details. You can click on “Voting station finder” and it will bring up a map showing you exactly where you can cast your vote. Just don’t forget to bring your ID to the station on voting day!

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The bottom line

At the end of the day, if you don’t vote, you give your power to those who do – but your voice matters, so use it. Once you’ve placed your X’s on the ballots (this year, there are three!) you can rest assured you’ve done the right thing. Another way to get even more peace of mind this year is to take control of your financial future and do the important things you’ve been putting off – like investing in a funeral policy, getting life insurance and creating a Will. So, while you’re here thinking about how you can shape our country’s future, why not learn more about how MiWayLife can help you do the same for your own? It all starts with getting a quick quote!

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