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Protecting Yourself From Injury This Winter
Protecting Yourself From Injury This Winter
15 Jul 2021

Don't let the winter season let you miss your fitness goal. Being consistent will help you reap the benefits, but it is also important to take care of your body this season to avoid injuring yourself.

Doing these five things can better prepare your body for whatever workout you have planned and also reduce your chances of sustaining an injury. Let's get started!


Stay hydrated

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you will be surprised by how many people forget to stay hydrated. You may think you do not lose as much liquids in winter as you do in summer, but depending on the workouts you are doing, you may be. No matter the workout or rest day, it is crucial to stay hydrated.


If you struggle with consuming the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you can always mix it up with fruits and vegetables that are rich in electrolytes. Electrolytes are great at supporting hydration and producing energy in the body. You can find this in fruits and vegetables such as:







Nuts (Peanuts & almonds)





Don’t forget your stretches

Getting the oxygen moving in your muscles and improving the elasticity of your muscles by stretching is a beneficial way to reduce injury. Simply jumping into a workout can increase your chances of sustaining an injury as your body has not been prepared for the level of strain brought on by exercising. Remember to always warm up and cool down before any workout.


Include mobility workouts

Tapping into exercises that increase your mobility and endurance is another way you can prevent injury in winter. These types of workouts force you to slow down and focus on getting the most out of each movement, building your muscle strength and flexibility. Make sure to include workouts such as:

Jump Squats

Dead Bugs

Lateral lunges

Reverse lunge reaches

Hip lifts

These target every muscle and give you adequate time to stretch and prepare your body. Always remember to pace yourself. Doing too much can be stressful for your body, increasing your risk of injury.


Never skip rest day

Giving your body time to recover will make it easier to come back to the floor frequently than overworking yourself to the point where your body forces you to rest. This can increase your chances of delaying your next exercising session, which leads to most people quitting for months on end. Always pace yourself.


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