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Healthy Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals
Healthy Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals
13 Jan 2022

It's a new year and the opportunity to start on a clean slate is tantalizing. With a burst of energy and inspiration that comes with the new year, it is easy to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to your goals, especially when it comes to your body goals.

How do you avoid setting unhealthy and unrealistic goals that will leave you demotivated at the end of the month? We have put together a few healthy tips to help you reach your goal without having to feel overwhelmed.


Set small targets and build

Getting into a routine where you exercise regularly to see results takes time. Taking on too much to reach your goals faster will only leave you feeling exhausted and disappointed. The key is to be consistent. Start small and gradually make your way to tackling intense workout sessions that will have you sweating. Set a schedule in advance of what you would like to do in the first 4-weeks. You can also download a workout app or plan that you can tailor to suit your fitness goals. Aim to be consistent and give yourself rest days.


Tailor your plan to what you love 
A common misconception when it comes to fitness is “no pain there is no gain.” Having a good exercise session doesn't mean it has to result in you feeling sore next day. Not only does this make it likely for you to take rest days that stretch into weeks and then a month, but it can also increase your chances of injury. Choose exercises that will help you reach your body goals but also those that you enjoy. Listen to your body. Balance your workouts with exercises that you love and one that challenges. 


Pack in the nutrients

Portion control and a balanced diet that consists of the five basic food groups - carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, oils, and fruit is essential. A common mistake is to cut back on food and to go on restrictive diets that leave you hungry and lacking the proper nutrition that will keep you going. Consulting with a nutritionist who will be able to tailor a meal plan that will be suitable for you is important.


It is also important that you slowly introduce these changes to be consistent by making healthier choices. Making a drastic change will be hard to maintain in the long run. Therefore, add and adapt your meal plan to find the perfect balance for you to reach your body goals.


Get support 
Becoming healthy is a personal journey. It won't be the same as the next persons. Therefore, knowing why you are doing it and what you want to achieve from exercising will help you navigate your way to your health goals. Having a supportive community such as a friend who can hold you accountable on those days you don't feel like pushing through or joining a fitness community that will help educate you and support you on your journey of reaching your goals can make the whole experience less daunting. 

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