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Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home
Easy Workouts You Can Do at Home
08 Jul 2021

The key to sticking to any fitness goal is to keep going even when the going gets tough. Easy workouts that let your body unwind and help keep you going are important, especially on those lazy days where you don't feel like it.

We have put together a handy list of easy workouts that will help you put in the hours and keep track of your goals so that you don't have to feel guilty about skipping a day.


Slow it down with yoga

For those days where it seems like you are too stiff or too tired to carry out any form of workout, yoga is your go-to. The benefit of yoga is that it is not only relaxing, but it can give your body a good stretch, giving your muscles the necessary recovery workout to get ready for your next session. Choose an easy level yoga before ramping up to the most advanced level of exercises. The aim is not to sweat, but to get your body to relax while moving.



Pick up the tempo with skipping

If you are planning on squeezing a high-intensity workout, but just do not have the strength on hitting the road running or lifting weights, you might want to consider skipping. This full-body workout will give you the same results you are looking for. Some of the benefits that come with skipping are improving your health, heart health, coordination, body flexibility, and increases your stamina. Being able to target most muscle groups with this workout will make skipping your go-to on days where you feel too tired or lazy to do any intensive work.


Body weight workouts

There are a couple of workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home that does not require any equipment. Bodyweight exercises are perfect for home workouts and can still give you the same results as lifting weights. Doing a few reps such as bodyweight squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees, and bicycle crunches can be included in your routine. Listen to your body to make sure that you are not overextending yourself.


Power walk

You can be surprised at how a good power walk can be a good way to stretch your leg muscles, but it can also have a relaxing effect that your body will need on your rest day. Instead of running, power walk through your usual route. Remember to stay hydrated and simply enjoy the walk. You don't have to set a timer for this one.



Shake it off

Looking for a way to release those feel-good endorphins and have fun without feeling like you are going through a gruelling boot camp? Take a high-energy dance class that can target every muscle in your body and will have you sweating it out. While it may be fun doing this you are getting a good workout. You might want to search for a dance session online way in advance to avoid spending your exercising time trying to find the right video. Always remember to hydrate. 

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