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Be 100% ready for this weekend's 70.3
Be 100% ready for this weekend's 70.3
24 Jan 2018

MiFitLife coach Jan van Rooyen gives you some last minute tips to make sure you're ready for the big race in East London.

Before you fly:

Make a list and lay all your gear out on the floor when you are packing to travel.

Start with what you are going to swim with. 

Move to the bike and lay those things out. Include nutrition, bombs and all the 'extras' that you need to carry with you.

Then move on to the run.

Pro tip: I used to use old race bags to pack the stuff for each phase, then packed it in a bag...it makes it feel more 'real!'


2 days before 

Rest and go to bed early


1 Day before

Start with a 10-15 min run in the shoes and socks you are going to race with.

If you want, use all the kit you are going to race with just to make sure that everything is comfortable and in good nick.

A few 30-45 sec pick ups can help if you feel that way inclined - but just stride out and don't do anything too intense.

Move to the bike for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Make sure that all equipment is working well, you put the wheels back in straight and the gears are smooth.

Include a few 30 sec-1 min pick ups.

Finally, to the swim

Do a light warm up and stroke drills with fist swimming and feel drills.

Aim for 4 x100m at projected race pace with 45 sec rest, remembering to focus on what the pace feels like.

Strokes should feel long and easy at that pace.


Whatever you do the day before, remember: 
Don't try new goggles out.

Don't try new socks out. Or shoes!!

Don't buy a new race suit the day before and race in it!


Don't start fiddling on your bike! Often we lie on the couch two days out from the race watching our bikes and thinking 'Maybe I should drop the bars' or 'maybe I should raise the saddle.' One word - DON'T!

Use what you trained with and know!


Morning of the race

 Get there with time to spare.

Walk the transition again, from the swim exit to bike especially.

Start each discipline conservatively and build them up.

Keep some juice in the tank for the last 5km on the run!

Swim easier than you think you should.

Ride a smaller gear than what you think you should.

Run the first 16km with a shorter stride.

And then finish strongly!




Eat something balanced 3 hours before.

Drink a balanced 300 ml meal replacement 2 hours before.

Eat half an energy bar an hour before, and half an energy bar 30 min before.

All the time sipping on water or a 5-10% solution energy drink.


Mental preparation

Stay positive no matter what - it's a privilege to do this.

You are healthy, and it's an expensive exercise. You are part of a small family.

Take what comes to you on the day with gratitude!

Remember to thank your loved ones afterwards for the time and sacrifice they are giving you.


Have a blinder!



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